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[N/A]CCC Framework, St, 396 ft²/37 m²
[N/A]CCC Framework, Al, 396 ft²/37 m²
[N/A]Facade, window and door elements
[N/A]Horizontal insulation
[N/A]Roof structure ϱ
[N/A]Roof membrane ϱ
[N/A]Outdoor deck/porch ϱ
[N/A]Patio and canopies ϱ
[N/A]Sun/rain screens ϱ
[N/A]Garden ϱ
[190]Tag/pull chassis



[150]Vacuum insulated panels
[150]Aerogel insulation

UA = UB = UC
Thickness for same U value
Glass fibre, A
VIP vacuum insulation panel/aerogel, C



Installation Technology [Electrical]

[219]Audio mixer 19"
[N/A]Speaker system
[N/A]Noise cancelling microphone
[N/A]DIN rail 19"
[210]Retractable cord reel
[N/A]Universal receptacle outlet
[N/A]Multi standard power socket
[N/A]Watertight inlet and connectors
[N/A]Ground fault circuit interrupters
[276]Wireless charger
[N/A]USB power socket
[N/A]Battery bank
[N/A]Solar panels
[N/A]DC/AC inverter
[297]Service grounding
[298]Lightning grounding
[N/A]Wind turbine
[N/A]Gas powered generator
[N/A]LED lighting 12-48V
[N/A]Incandescent lighting 12-48V
[N/A]Audio 12-48V
[N/A]Video 12-48V
[N/A]LED lighting 120V/60Hz
[N/A]Incandescent lighting 120V/60Hz
[N/A]Audio 120V/60Hz
[N/A]Video 120V/60Hz
[N/A]LED lighting 220-240V/50Hz
[N/A]Incandescent lighting 220-240V/50Hz
[N/A]Audio 220-240V/50Hz
[N/A]Video 220-240V/50Hz
[N/A]Outdoor lighting



Installation Technology [Network]

[N/A]Network, wired
[N/A]Network, wireless
[N/A]Server, home automation
[N/A]Server, media



Installation Technology [Water, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning]

[N/A]Installation technology
[N/A]Drain systems/accessories
[N/A]Water filter
[N/A]Water conditioner
[636]Seismic gas shutoff valve
[N/A]Faucets, network operated
[N/A]Faucets, manually operated
[N/A]Single-hole faucet
[N/A]Thermostatic module (master)
[N/A]Electronic shower trim set
[N/A]Bathroom tissue dispenser
[N/A]Wall hung toilet
[N/A]White water storage
[N/A]White water storage, hot
[N/A]Gray water storage
[N/A]Bulk waste storage tank
[N/A]Tropical rain simulation
[N/A]Rain and mist nozzles
[N/A]Indoor waterfall
[N/A]Circulation pump
[N/A]Solar water heating
[N/A]Raindance showerpipe
[N/A]Balance trim ecostat
[606]DC powered air conditioner
[N/A]Invisible heating/cooling pipes
[N/A]Ventilation system
[N/A]Compact heat pump unit
[N/A]Drain water heat recovery

Traditional shower heads A and B
Tropical Rain C1, Mist C2




[773]Gas cooktop
[774]Downdraft ventilation
[N/A]Large fridge
[330]Cleaning robot
[751]Water cooker WiFi
[N/A]Herbal vaporizer
[N/A]Small fridge




[N/A]Floor panel, fixed
[N/A]Floor panel, operable
[N/A]Floor panel, ventilated
[N/A]Wall panel, fixed
[N/A]Wall panel, operable
[551]Ceiling screen, diffusing
[N/A]Projection screen, reflective




[865]Smart lock
[N/A]Telescope drawer mechanism



Drawings and Production Data

[7.2]Comprehensive 3D model
[7.0]Floorplans and sections
[7.2]Framework and substructure welding
[3.2]Watercut steel details
[7.1]Panel sizes and quantities
[2.3]Lasercut panel details
[1.2]Waterproof sealing details
[7.1]VIP sizes and quantities
[7.1]Glass sizes and quantities
[7.1]Water circulation details
[7.1]Wiring diagram


Mold making, 3D printing, lasercutting and similar automated production processes are supported via digital data made to measure. DXF, DWG and IGES drawings represent real sizes for shown parts and geometry with no chain dimensioning by default. A 1×1 meter square or similiar benchmark is included as reference instead. We encourage suppliers to understand the overall architectural concept, read technical and material specifications carefully and refer to the abbrevations dictionary to avoid misunderstandings and disputes.

Available data formats:




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