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made by DC AIRCO (The Netherlands) are listed below:

Main features include: The very efficient air conditioner combines a very low consumption with a high cooling output and is fully dc powered. The cooling duty of this fully DC powered unit is 2-3 higher than a normal AC using with the same cooling and there is no power surge during start up (soft start). The premium PLC controller gives diagnostics. With our advanced controller remote management is possible. The unit is protected from spikes and surges by an electronic filter. 50% lower fuel/energy consumption. No start up peak. Soft starting. Since 1992 the DCAirco team has been developing energy efficient air conditioning to run solar energy as well as other battery powered applications. From 1997 we have been manufacturing in serial production the following very efficient AC and DC powered air conditioners for use in heavy duty applications: AC voltages 230 and 400 VAC and DC voltages: 12-24-48-74-110 VDC. Available in these colours: gray.

Also see the manufacturers homepage and refer to the product page for the DC Powered Air Conditioner.

Comment: Options: DC 22500 74 Vdc split air conditioner/heat pump | DC 11000 (24-74-110 Vdc) - (230-400 Vac) split air conditioner | DC 9200 24-48 Vdc split air conditioner

ID: 606

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