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⊏⊏⊏ structures are built as ISO* sized prefab units and may be transported with compatible utilities like vessels, trains, trucks or standard tag/pull chassis.

Floorplan ⊏⊏⊏ mx


Sideview with roof option C





Frontview with roof option D, including extras
above: Roofing options A, B, C




above: Floorplan ⊏⊏⊏ rv (25% less floor space compared to ⊏⊏⊏ mx allows fully contained transportation including facade, roof and appliances; optimized for fast assembly and disassembly)

Different climates require customized details for insulation, ventilation, heating, cooling, drainage and — considering alpine snow loads — unique structural details. Default details optimized for California.

* Regulations for transportation vary and may require additional certification of details, material quality and welding seams by the American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyd's Register, Germanischer Lloyd SE (now DNV GL), especially for offshore use.





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