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Artbound Episode - Steel Modern  ▭

Collectively, the Steel Development Houses represent an important chapter in the history of American modernist architecture and Wexler & Harrison's Steel Development House No. 2 possesses a high degree of integrity and, by extension, is a fine representative of this unique collection of modernist residences. (☡) full episode / part →

Prouvé's Demountable Houses  ▭

The genesis of these demountable houses came about in the early 1930s, when Jean Prouvé — up to that point an art-deco-trained metal worker who produced furniture — began to experiment with architectural structures. (…) By the end of the 1930s, Prouvé had refined his structural system and patented the 'axial portal frame', the two-legged structure that served as the main structural support in all of his subsequent demountable designs. (☡) archdaily →

Australian Tiny House Loveshack  ▭

This Australian tiny house is built on a eight m trailer with attaching deck, compost toilet and bathroom. It took three years to build. I say it is semi-mobile because it would take about one-two weeks to move, but is all built to detach and go on a truck, while towing the main house/trailer. (☡) youtube →


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